Sunday, April 13, 2014

Holyday Inspiration

Whether you celebrate Holydays or Holidays,  use todays Roman calendar or a biblical calendar or just a family tradition. Spring is a time to celebrate new beginnings. ... I have been keeping the Night to be Much Remembered and the week of Passover most of my life.

Last year I celebrated with two friends. We shared a solemn, humbling foot washing ceremony.  Prayed together.  For NTBMO we enjoyed an unleavened meal of grilled meat, greens and matzos.

When we moved on,  I made sure to assist the others with celebrating Easter in a way that they requested.  I helped them to find a church on Easter Sunday and then waited so we could continue our travels together.

I just bought my matzos. 
I'm not sure who I will celebrate with, where I will be or what flavor this years celebration will be. ...and I may just go to San Diego and grill lamb burgers to eat with matzos and salad at the beach.

I hope that you celebrate the spring Holydays in a way that is best between you, your family and the Creator.