Friday, April 25, 2014

Simply Sedona

The weather in Flagstaff was too cold for me. Sleeping with the hot water bottle is not too much fun so I asked around for some ideas where it would be warmer and not too far away. I decided to drive down to the Sedona area. I thought there were some of our friends down here but they left already.

I had been warned about Oak Canyon and that the road was really twisty and steep and that it might be hard driving but I didn't realize that Route 89a and Oak Canyon we're the same road soooo I'm driving along and all the sudden there are very steep hills. Luckily the speed limit was very slow and I maneuvered the drive just fine with no panic attacks.

I'm now sitting at camp just south of Sedona in a lovely spot with a great view and cell phone service.And I'm sitting around camp in a sleeveless shirt!