Thursday, August 21, 2014

Simply a new perspective!

What a difference a day and a few conversations can make.

I didn't realize that I needed to hear that someone belives that I can do the reno of my Scamp and that I can do much of it myself.  Thanks Dan for believing in my abilities and skill level.

I didn't realize that I needed to hear from the friends that I so wished that I could have visited over the summer.  To hear from them that they care enough to send hugs and emotional support.  Ms Linda, Donna n Mark and Sarah and Lucinda and Al - hugs backatcha. I do remember that all of you do and would help me anytime.

The surprise and much appreciated donation - well is overwhelmingly special.

Overnight the supportive comments kept running through my thoughts.  I couldn't get what  Dan said off my mind. He said "out of all the people I know - you,  Lesa,  CAN do this. I know if you read a book or watch a video you will figure out what you don't know how to do yet."

When I woke up this morning,  I wondered what I COULD do. What could I begin to think differently about?

I remembered that the closet in the Scamp does not have any leaks.  I had been waiting to finish other projects before even thinking about it.  Well why not work with something that is not a major problem.  So I insulated the bottom added a shelf and some wire baskets that I had picked up at a yard sale a while back.  Whew it felt good to do something. The weather was cooperating so I contacted a musician buddy and he was able to come give me a hand with a two person job. He gave me about an hour and together we got the major rivets replaced. Just as we finished it began to rain. I am happy to report that none of the new rivets leak! I think that solves about one third of the leaky issues.

I'm considering taking things slower and trying to do more myself.  Especially after honestly looking at the projects and as I am rethinking the time line as well.  It's more important now that I be able to safely move the Scamp. So finishing the running lights (I chose to put in new wiring) is the priority. I'm processing an idea of how I can fix the leaky screw holes in the roof - and do it myself. ..I think I may be able to do it....maybe.