Sunday, August 3, 2014

Simply Scamp Ideas

I am struggling with the progress being made on my Scamp.  It seems so hard to get help - even when it has been offered freely.  People have their own lives as well as motivations. And  projects like a relatively inexpensive older travel trailer reno always comes with unexpected issues.  I thought that some basic deep cleaning reinstalling the proper vent in the roof and I would be off and running.  Well actually I didn't think it would be that easy although I didn't think that I would be gutting it and doing things two or three times over.  (Rolling my tired weary eyeballs).

I like being creative.  I almost hate needing help. Truth be told I don't trust people and I have experience and reason for feeling that way. I, also, am a bit of a perfectionist - well I like things to be and to look nice and even on my budget they can look as though they cost a lot. I do projects on a budget and recycle, repurpose and make do a lot. Geez I dumpster dive sometimes. I don't buy every screw at Home Depot or Ace Hardware.  It seems that a lot of people in the US are used to buying stuff. Like all the time. I often hear them saying oh it's only $5 or just get another one - well $5 a few times and I am broke.

Well my help has changed a number of times.  One person moved. One's talk is cheap but they never show up - something about their work with aliens being more important. Another's schedule at their job changed. The Christian guy came when he said he would and tried although his skill is somewhere else - and where did the surprise 'sweetie' comment come from.  Do I hear fantasy talking?  He did a great job on the things he could do well. 

And progress feels as though it is moving backwards as the fiberglass hole patching job cracked and our lovely two days of rainfall showed me how many leaks there actually are.

So let's do some dreaming about the decorating possibilities shall we!

I'm kinda partial to the 4th picture! :)