Saturday, September 13, 2014

Simply Chillin

A little more progress!  Actually a lot of big stuff crossed off the Honey Do list... today's Biggie the threshold and entrance floor.  I couldn't wait any longer after this morning finding mouse poo under the sink and near Ozzie's food -yuck and geez I haven't even moved in yet!  Lol.

I will be working on details in the Scamp for a while.  But hey. It's safe to drive it down the road.  The kitchen works. We even had water running in the sink using the 12V pump...but I can't seem to keep it going. Maybe the pumps not strong enough?  It's a luxury anyway so I feel like it can wait.  Man I am so thrilled to be able to wash dishes in the sink!  The roof is more waterproof than it was, I did some patching ..hasn't rained to test it yet.  And doesn't have to right now.  I'm chilling, listening to Lake Whoabegone on the radio. Ozzie is napping on the dinnette bench.

By the way for any of you entrigued by my progress or Scamp project.  Please try to understand that this is not something you should try at home (lol)...this isn't for the light hearted and it's hard to live under construction or even in a van.  I am doing it and I needed help.  It might be easier for someone who has a close family that will help them.  And IF one of you find a GREAT deal on a project Scamp or FG (fiberglass) travel trailer, please please contact me for is available online especially at but chat with me too because I wish I had someone to get educated advice from.  These are relatively SIMPLE travel trailers although that doesn't necessarily mean that they are no brainer or easy to figure out.  Too many people mean well and want to help though without experience thier advice could lead to big expensive mistakes, I learned the hard way me please.

Al is a wonderful friend and help. I couldn't be here enjoying life today without his help. He has been sending me emails with ideas of places to go and see after here....and some great ideas too. I've wanted to see cliff dwellings and do some mild hiking . I had also heard about different native American villages that seem interesting and there are many historic and national lands nearby. I think we will do some exploration before we get to New Mexico. I'm beginning to look forward to that.