Thursday, September 4, 2014

Simply a direction part two

Save money - goal $3000 (knowing that I receive my monthly check to keep me going)

Buy a campervan - Sept./Oct. 2012

Return to the United States - Oct. 2012

Attend RTR in Quartzsite AZ Jan 2013

Travel keeping an open mind for an area that feels like home. As well as revisiting important places and people from my past. Sort of evaluating my priorities at this stage of my life.

Save money to use to create a homebase in the US. A familiar and safe feeling place to come and go from.

I evaluated  the importance of this 'home' being land or stick built or mobile. My conclusion for now is that is not my priority. Land is kewl although for now I am not done exploring,  which by the way I love to do. I traveled from Costa Rica to Little Rock AR to buy my van. Then on to AZ. After May I was homesick for things familiar.  I had never been to the West Coast before and it truly is different from the familiarity of the East Coast.  So I made my way through the East and up into New England where I was born and raised.  I even spent a considerable amount of time in Canada. I visited friends and then struck out with the intention to spend a year checking out state parks in New Mexico.  You see New Mexico has an annual state park pass that is a great deal for full-time RVers. Things changed. I wandered a bit, exploring and making friends.

Now the van is a step.
The Scamp is another step.
Visiting my favorite places to stay a while or a few months is a step - a kind of homebase of sorts.

Ozzie,  me and Al visited the Scamp and mechanic...we are tired and the check up was good.