Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Simply living

I read a book a few years ago called Living in Process.  That book really resonated with me.

I believe that we are not given more than we can handle and that the stuff of life happens for a reason even though we often can't see why.

Our day started with plugging the Scamp's 7 pin plug into the van - which promptly filled with smoke and the rushing to turn the engine off and get the two unplugged.  Darn curve balls of life!  A little 'it's too early in the morning' mechanic shop cursing and another cup of coffee and that set the tone for the day.
There are three guys working at Hurley's. The master mechanic and owner and two apprentices.  As most shops, many projects waiting their turn.  A little straightening up, a look at the Cadillac project and darn that needs a new engine not just a head gasket.

The shop talk was about how we might think that we, especially mechanics,  would be used to the surprise curve balls of life. And yet we aren't so used to it. Smooth running days can feel very good.

Pastor James from the neighborhood church came by to pick up a donation for the homeless.  As he was preparing to leave he got a phone call of a family members auto accident within minutes of it happening.   Prayers are definitely appropriate.

We all are Living in Process - different surprises with various degrees of stress requiring different levels of strength. ...

I'm not so different from you.  You are not so different from me. 

I keep us all in my prayers.  We are not alone.