Saturday, September 6, 2014

Simply "Living Small"

I will be leaving the RV park tomorrow.  I had a few minutes this morning and decided to go check out a nearby public land campsite.  It's nice to know what is happening in an area when possible.

The snowbirds are beginning to move around and the campsite has more rigs even though it is still hot during the day.

I spotted a Scamp and introduced myself.  Rick has been full-timing in his 13 ft 2008 Scamp since it was new. I am so thrilled to meet someone else doing what I am about to.  Rick, who had been a carpenter has done many projects in his Scamp and he and his dog Lady have quite comfy digs. He said that I could share pictures and stuff on my blog.....

He also invited me to park near by and he will help Al and I with ideas.