Monday, September 22, 2014

Simply things that make me go hmmm

Over the past two weeks I have been busy re-organizing my life in many ways. Downsizing stuff I gathered over these two Vandwelling years before buying the Scamp. A day or two if enjoyable handsewing pillowcases and a mattress cover walking Ozzie and making simple soup meals. I even caught myself happy enough to be humming and singing.  Well mentally hunting for songs and the words to them.

My thoughts running through this subject and that. Last week my sleep was disturbed by thoughts and a few nightmares as my physical situation became more and more safe. I think that is a normal human process.

I'm sleeping well this week. Even waking to the peeking out of the early sunrise. I often cuddle with Ozzie and am starting my days slowly.

I am beginning to wonder what the next bit of future will hold. Not planning - just preparing my mind for the only absolute of life - change.

I wonder about places to see and people I would like to visit with. And I even wonder about my reactions to the people who have helped me so much.  And some of the men I have met...