Saturday, December 6, 2014

Simply can't recall what I

Wrote about our Simply great and Simple Thanksgiving!
I wrote that blog post after turning in for the night Thanksgiving day.  My Blogger cellphone app says that the post is still 'publishing' nearly a week later.....darn I tried everything that I could think of.

Our small group of traveling buddies met up in Joshua Tree.  We spent a few days at my friends unofficial/private campground. They rent out or will barter RV or van spaces complete with electric and water hook ups.they have a community space complete with kitchen, hot water shower and composting toilet.

We spent a comfortably easy Thanksgiving day doing what we each felt was appropriate. That process led us to sit down to any enjoyable 1:30ish meal of Turkey,  rice stuffing, mashed potatoes, gluten free giblet gravy, freshly made cranberry relish, stir fried green beans, a  banana carob chip sweet bread, gluten free crust pumpkin pie, pumpkin custard and homebrewed Chia Cream Ale!

We milled around chit chatting the rest of the day. Clean up organically happened and I doubt any one of us felt tired from the day's 'work' - I sure didn't feel like any of it was stressful or work...just smooth fun and socializing.