Saturday, December 27, 2014

Simply .. This Week

Saw me traveling to and from Quartzsite and Yuma.

We may ask what do crop duster pilots and giant poodles have in common? The answer would be the attention of my friend Evelyn! We had an enjoable visit filled with chit chat and campfires and hot cups of coffee!  I even momentarily forgot about my allergy to nuts and ate a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie - and then promptly suffered an entire evening. Will I ever remember?  I do like food. Time to admit that. I like food and cooking and being creative with it and learning the old ways from the elderly in other cultures.  And I need to be gentle with my own digestive system which has been an issue since I was a child.

Evelyn brought her new truck with her old Lance six pack camper on the back and  her Giant Poodle Charlie!  He and Ozzie are good buddies and love to run and play together.

After this morning's adventure - Ozzie decided to go for a swim on one of the coldest mornings we have had and in his only sweater! Of course he then rolled in the sand - which is why his full name is Ozzie B Dirt!
So after that excitement Ms Evelyn and Charlie loaded up the truck and took off for thier other home near Sedona.

I'm going to write this is a couple posts because of the amount of pictures I want to share and I am using the Blogger phone App. I learned that sending five or less pictures works best with the App...

To be continued!