Thursday, March 5, 2015

Errands and Ozzie time

So some of you know that Ozzie and I are fairly new together. He came to live with me September 9th.  That is actually only 5 months ago. It's hard to believe that it has been such a short time.

Doggie Anxiety and PTSD mixed with my own Anxiety, PTSD and recurring depression has been both a blessing and at times a major challenge. Ozzie came to me with very long hair, painfully long nails and curled around dew claws. We quickly learned about his Grooming or foot  anxiety short of getting bitten when attempting to help groom or check feet for cactus thorns.   Today was a grooming day. I found a lovely shop with caring and sensitive people here in Payson. At times it took three of us but Ozzie is not acting up and he is handsome again.

Me - well I feel exhausted and emotional. I'm close to tears (yes I am alright) with being stressed out. I'm driving very carefully as I kind of feel like life is in slow motion right now. I noticed old habits of wanting to stop and eat junk/fast food or pizza (I'm proud that I have not given in). Normally a glass of water will bring me back quickly although today it doesn't seem to be working.  I stopped to get a Kombucha drink and spent more of my grocery budget on fresh foods for a wilted (raw foods are too fiberous and hard for me right now) salad I will make for supper.  Then we stopped into a Home Depot for another gallon of Denatured Alcohol which is both a fuel for cooking and suplimental heating. And found ourselves checking out the shed/cottage/tiny homes! And omgosh is EMT Sarah here? Na - just a sighting.

I'm sitting at the Wal-Mart - feeling dazed and wondering why I stopped and where I want to sleep tonight. I will have it figured out soon enough it's only 3:30 in the afternoon and we have until my kinda rule of thumb 5 pm at latest setting up a camp.  Sleeping for the night is different as there is no set up involved. ...