Friday, March 13, 2015

Fabulous Friday Food! B1

B is for Breakfast!

How do I maneuver actually cooking breakfast inside my van.

First - I did extensive research and tried lots of equipment to find both the safest and most useful items. Key to the process is my HeatMate stove by the Origo company. This stove is very safe as long as you use it correctly.  It runs on Denatured Alcohol fuel. The fuel is NOT pressurized and so no explosive properties. The fuel reservoir has on internal wick which makes the canister spill proof. Yes I tried it, outside of course,  you can fill the reservoir and turn it completely upside down and not one drop spills out. The stove itself was designed for use on boats so the inside has gimbrels that keep it level. Secondly is my work surface. Now not everyone will want what I have. Because I like to cook on fire I have a steel Dutch Oven Table that sits on top of long metal reinforced milk crates. My table has a wind screen and long legs. The legs are removable and I keep them in storage under my bed until I need them outside. The connectons for the long legs are not removable though being welded to the bottom of the table they fit right through the holes in the milk crates and my kitchen 'counter' becomes very stable. I think that a metal solid surface that can be cleaned is good for mobile living because it gives you safety from heat mistakes like forgetting and setting a hot pot down. I suggest people look into using something like a restaurant baking sheet with little edges. That way spills are contained as well.  
Okay - so my frying pan doesn't fit my stove very well and I have to be careful with it - don't do this at home people! I had and then gave away a wok pan that fit perfectly - and now I can't find another one.  Darn!  So I'm using my hiking and cooking for one pans.

Today's breakfast is (drum roll)
Healthy Hash Browns

Put a swirl of good Olive oil in your frying pan.  Add sliced shallots to the oil and brown. Wash your tiny potatoes and quarter, or cut in small pieces (small cooks faster). Add the potatoes to the pan. Cook on medium heat stiring occasionally. Meanwhile peel and chop a slice off a butternut squash. Add the squash to the pan and stir. I sprinkled mine with dried rosemary and hickory smoked sea salt (thanks Jo). When it begins to stick to the pan I add a tablespoon or so of coffee or you can use water just to deglace the pan. Cook till tender. Plate and enjoy.   BTW (by the way) leftovers make great potato salad by simply adding a stone ground mustard.

There you go!
Be safe with your cooking while mobile. I probably would not cook inside if I were using propane. Tho there are other ways.

Have a great Simply Fabulous day.
Enjoy preparing, sharing and eating your meals!

PS we will talk about the stuff on my counter later ;)