Friday, March 6, 2015

Fantastic Friday Food!

How about a healthy and yummy meal idea?

This week's yum is a Simply Healthy meal. Thermos Quinoa (this was a Bulgar Red Quinoa mix) with Red leaf lettuce and Buffalo Wing style Cauliflower.

Yup all made easily in my van kitchen!
Equipment used:
Pot to boil water
Thermos - mine is from a thrift store!
Measuring device - a cup works. I use a mini shaker from a vitamin shop.
Cutting Board
Fry pan - mine is a ceramic mini one serving size.
Spatula - again I have a mini one or use a spoon.

Sea salt
Hot Sauce
Olive oil
Leaf lettuce

Quinoa : When making your morning hot beverage of choice boil some extra water. Place 1/2 cup quinoa and salt to taste into your thermos.  Add 1 cup of boiling water and seal with the thermos lid and shake then set aside and forget about it until supper time. This is probably a serving for two people - or if you are very hungry.  I saved half for later.

Buffalo Wing style Cauliflower:
Heat your fry pan with a swirl of olive oil in it.
Cut your cauliflower into largish pieces and add them to your hot pan. Coat them in the olive oil by stiring. Let them pan roast until they are toasty looking. Then add a small amount of Ghee and let it melt into the pan. Add a few splashes of hot sauce and stir - this is where you get creative make it as hot or not as you like. I used a mild sauce that was a gift and only used a few shakes, then because I wanted a redorange color I added a small amount of low sodium V8 juice.stir everything until well coated and cook until it satisfies you. Add salt if you want to. Wash and tear lettuce leaves placing on your plate. Turn out your Cauliflower onto the lettuce and get your forgotten thermos. Stir and plate your quinoa.

Get a fork and enjoy!