Friday, March 27, 2015

Fantastic Friday Food

Okay sorry no pictures ...

What do you make for lunch when you don't want to cook and want something yummy....

Well a tuna sandwich sounded good.  But no bread. Tuna made me sick last time I tried it and I don't have any. ....
I did have a tiny jar of wild caught smoked salmon that had been home canned....
What about the crunch? Celery is too fibrous for my system so none of that around. ...hmmm I have an apple and a white onion......

So I made a cross between tuna salad and waldorf salad....and yum
Salmon Waldorfish Salad is born....darn I should have taken a picture!

Apple - cut into cubes and drizzled with citrus juice (that keeps the color white.) I had a grapefruit and used a squeeze of that.
Onion - mild is best, chives would be pretty. Cut into cubes.
Tahini and water - as a dressing.  Use just enough water to thin the tahini.

That's it mix it up
Share a big spoonful with your fur friend
Get a big glass of water
Find a lawn chair and enjoy your afternoons burst of energy!