Thursday, March 12, 2015

Simply in Town

Ozzie and I have been struggling with our relationship after the last grooming fiasco. Nice enough shop and employees unfortunately the owner and boss was dealing with a personal issue and had five things going on at a time. The sensitivity to a rescue dog with grooming anxiety, depression and PTSD was not there. I've never been called into the grooming session before.  I was instructed to hold my dog because "he's a biter" I was told. Now Ozzie's trust issues are aimed directly at me. For a few days all I could do was cry about it. I made some phone calls for advice, more historical information from the shelter where he had lived, and supportive friends. Then I remembered how we were when we were getting to know each other. I recalled that consistent walks on a short leash and regular meal times were very stabilizing. So we have returned to things that we know without a doubt work. Ozzie is beginning to settle down. 

and then I needed to change campsites. and come into town. ..I've been two days on the phone doing personal business like dealing with the Social Security Administration and Medicare.  Now I need to spend some time at a library printing forms to fill out and mail.

Payson has a lovely library dog park people park complex. It is a good place to spend days. We can overnight at either Wal-Mart, Home Depot or the local Casino.

It looks like we may stay in this area long enough to go through dog training classes. There are many campsites in higher and lower elevations as well as in and out of town so we should be comfortable.  I may look for something to do with my time too. Something like volunteering or teaching my Personal Project Planning class ... or something.

I'm emotionally tired. It takes a lot of energy to work with the mentally ill, especially when they come in the form of four legged creatures with no language and the attitude of a three-year old child! Add to the equation my own disability which is similar. ..I'm going to spend a lot of time simply breathing through moments. Taking everything slowly and continuing to make a good daily routine.

This too shall pass
For a while I want to continue the Friday Food, Sunday Surprise and Monday Music blog posts. I think that it will help me to keep some focus and share stuff I like with all my readers. Please let me know what you think - and feel free to make requests!

   and Ozzie