Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Simply an oops

Hi you all!
I've been so busy that I really owe you all an apology for my not blogging the last few days. ..well it's nearly a week. Wow time just flew past.

Let's see - Evelyn and Charlie went home.  It rained quite a bit and we had been urban camping at Wal-Mart,  Home Depot and the Casino here in Payson AZ.  Ms Cheri, another RTR Vandwelling buddy came through town.  We had a few days to show her around and visit. That was a nice experience.

Cheri and I shared breakfast at the Casino one morning. Steve came up, or maybe it's down, and took me to lunch one day.
(And yes I was able to carefully order and stay healthy! Some times it is possible. Because like at the Casino they use real butter not margarine and they don't salt and very lightly season their food)

Ozzie and I had been making friends at the dog park. I met a couple who invited me to join them at a community dinner. I did and it was lovely. The Mountain Bible Church in Payson provides a community dinner each Monday evening around 5 pm.

Early this morning we met up with Lori Chandler the dog trainer.  Wow what a great experience. I decided that we are definitely staying in this general vicinity to take and graduate from this class!

We have been driving around looking for an appropriate dog crate to replace Ozzie's beds. Lori believes that will improve Ozzie's safety and peace of mind. We had already been trying to learn this area and find things to make the next few weeks,  actually ten weeks, more comfortable. Looking for things like showers, alternative campsites, hiking trails, volunteer opportunities and stuff.
I visited a food pantry today so I could help a friend who struggles with agoraphobia to be more independent.

Anyway that is the update for now - I'm trying to think of a way to turn green beans into something different to share with my neighbouring camper tonight.
Here's a couple pictures of Ozzie. I forgot to take a picture of the neighborhood cows!