Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Surprise

This week has been filled with surprising events. I think the biggest was seeing my friend Ms Marsha drive into camp with her Scamp!  (Shh she bought it from me though she can't wait to paint it so people will stop asking her if "that is Lesa's Scamp! )

Ozzie is the campsite gimp - yup he's limping. Perhaps he jumped off the bed wrong because he wasn't limping before.

I made a pot of lentils in my Dutch Oven over a campfire yesterday.  The neighbors, all two of them, enjoyed them. I think Marsha was surprised at the simplicity of my recipe as well as the speed with which they cook. The leftovers became my lunch of refried 'beans" with homemade tortillas! Yum.

Yesterday afternoon we had yet another surprise as Evelyn and Charlie drove into camp!

I rather enjoy the comings and goings. I am learning to relax and enjoy my days more. It's about time a few of you have commented.

I spent more reorganizing time the other day and made a huge amount of space simply by changing out a bin or two for another long milk crate. Incredibly I have a lot of space left and the plan is to keep it empty as long as possible! .