Thursday, March 5, 2015

Why write about that?

Well - it's my life. This is my thought process and patterns.  People sometimes want to know how I do what I do. ..and so now you know. I struggle some days and don't for other months at a time.

Today was strange.  Social Security Disability stuff was in my mail that I read yesterday along with hospital and medical bills. Sigh. I didn't sleep well as I kept hearing first one and then another sound.  The fact that one of those sounds was a car stereo had me feeling kind of venerable. Then I just locked the doors and made myself sleep by telling myself that it is a distance away and I am safe. (Duh you'd think after years of traveling and sleeping in odd places that I would be past that. .guess not it came up again. ) I felt an enormous amount of stress dealing with Ozzie and his grooming. 

We are back at the Bernhard Trail Road campsite. The birds chirping and fresh air are calming my soul or is it my spirit - ? I'm breathing deeply and slowing my pace back to the slow of nature. ..yes! Nice.

The weather report is calling for some beautiful temperatures tomorrow. Yeah!

I'm about to make supper.
Ozzie is relaxing on the bed.
Life is good.

And that is why I write about any and every thing that comes up. Maybe it helps you to understand me and my choices or maybe it helps someone else because we go through similar stuff or thoughts.


   and Ozzie