Friday, April 17, 2015

Simply Answers to Roberta

Hello,  I came upon your blog by  linking here and there after watching the documentary about mobile living.  I often dream about buying a small RV or conversion van that I can handle myself on the road.  Your lifestyle  is a dream for me.  There is just one thing, well two, that is holding me back.  Since there is no water hookups personal hygiene is a concern.  I did mention a second concern - make the decision to ACTUALLY commit to doing it.  Any insight would be most welcomed.

Do take time to learn what you love! Then keep in mind that you have the ability and time to just try out anything that you want to. Not much will change about daily life. You will sleep and wake up. The sun will shine and it will rain...that kind of stuff won't change. You can choose to live the way you are now and never change if you want to.  Orrrr you can just jump in and make a change. Most adventures are like that. Jump in.  Do your best. Work out what you can. And have faith that if you don't like this choice you can just choose something different. Oh and do pay attention to your concern about choosing a rig that you can handle. My choice is not popular though I have been learning that I would be miserable driving anything bigger and especially taller! At times I wish I could go smaller though realistically this is a great size, great mpg, and the ground clearance allows me to go places other vans can't go! Do what is right for you. ...

I carry between five and seven gallons of water in the van.

Personal Hygiene

There are times when I visit a truck stop or Rec Center and pay for a shower. The town I'm hanging around right now has a nice $2 shower at a Casino with $2 daily breakfasts - not too shabby!

I took a bunch of pictures this morning as I was preparing for my day. The back corner of my van is sort of my bathroom.  It is stocked with toilet paper, towels and clothes, lotion and stuff. I use my porta potty as a stool, covered with a towel when bathing. Of course closing the shades and curtains. I place the rug that normally covers my porta potty on the floor. I heat water on my stove and set up the little table with a bowl and wash cloth. I can use the striped water jug if I want to.  When my bowl of water is dirty I simply lift the porta potty lid and dump the water in. I do the same with my toothbrush water. When I'm completely finished I take a moment or two to straighten up and to wipe down the porta potty.  Everything is nice and clean for the next use.