Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Simply caution signs ahead!

Have you ever been afraid to dream? To use your imagination and create a new adventure? To imagine another you?

Perhaps the situation is right in front of you. The doorway is practically in sight. Yet you are afraid. You may ask yourself if you are afraid of change and you know that is not so. You question your thoughts. Your growth. Your possible future.

Yet you are paralyzed by the possibilities. It's as if the new white canvas that your inner artist has chosen is too large - it is the size of a three story wall this time. Remember when they were the tiny palm sized canvases or perhaps they were just pieces of paper or napkins in a restaurant.

'What ifs' wait around every thoughtfilled corner. Your sleep disturbed by the frustrations of your lifetime of hopes as well as disappointments.

I've been there. More than one time. I may be there now as I feel the tiredness of using my imagination over the years, the dissapointment of dashed dreams and the tearing up of my emotional self, the only surety seems to be a 'wait with' space.

Realize that you are okay. That this too will pass. That we, you and me, we will act when the time is right. We already know that we will because we have before, many times before. We will choose when the choice is ours. We will be okay. 

That new adventure that seems to be just ahead may be the stuff made of our lifetime of dreams.

Just Simply wait and see!