Friday, May 8, 2015

Simply Friday's Food - hiking style

It's chilly here today!
My new sleeping bag, which compresses smaller than my current sleeping gear and has a lower temperature rating than what is in the van will get a work out as I test it tonight.  Ozzie seems to approve already as he is snoring away while napping on top of it. Anything soft, squishy and warm!

I took the opportunity to make a FBC (Freezer Bag Cooked) meal for lunch. It wasn't anything to really get excited about. I warmed water on the Magic Heat mini stove that I have been testing. I made a cup of Raspberry Zinger tea. Then I put dehydrated vegetables into a freezer zip bag and added some dried cheese powder that I had.  I then added boiling water and gave it a good stir, zipped the top and set it inside my fleece hat.  I waited twenty minutes to a half hour. Then got my long handled Sea to Summit spoon stired, and ate.

It's nice to have a hot meal and warm your head up with a warm hat all in one step! Oh yes and washing dishes - easy peasy! Toss the bag and wipe the spoon.

Here's a picture of what that looks like. .not so wierd!

Stay warm

PS I wanted to include links to some of the gear...though I'm in an area with a poor signal. I will have to do that in the next gear post.