Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Simply MORE Change!

Incredible. Wonderful machines.
My dear Vantucket is a classic van. She is beautiful. She takes very good care of me. We, Vantucket and I have had many conversations. Yes I talk to my van, probably more before Ozzie came to live with us. Classic vehicles can need a bit more maintenance, mostly because they are getting on in age.

A few weeks ago, Vantucket's rear passenger side brake locked up and I had to have her towed to a shop. The wonderful, and now family like, mechanics at Southwest Tire and Auto did their best to figure out what the sticky gunk they found was. They cleaned it well though didn't feel right charging me only for the clean up.  We couldn't repeat the problem.  So off I went..and kept going until this morning. I was driving around town doing errands and felt the odd glitch in that same brake that I had felt just before the brake locked up the first time. ..sooooo I called Mel and had her tell Brian that I was on my way over to the shop.

I'm thankful for my flexible schedule and ability to have my home with me when stuff like this happens.  So Ozzie and I settled in and waited for them to fit us into their busy day.  When they examined Vantucket - well - she needs axel seals! and but of course I agree that it only makes sense to repair both sides at the same time.  (Ouch $200)  I was honest with Brian from the start that my EMFund (emergency fund) was gone with my recent need for eye glasses/contacts and other auto work. I had to admit, embarrasingly, to the fact that I only had $50 in my Credit Union account although my pay day is only a week away. He didn't want me to be stuck with no money and suggested a payment schedule.  We also discussed work scheduling with him needing to get parts as well as my camping plans for the week. He was uncomfortable with me driving back to Bear Flats so he worked out a way to get the parts and will do the job in the morning. I will, of course, take donuts and my initial payment. Next Wednesday, my pay day, I will take him the rest. I feel so grateful for people like Brian who will help me when I truly need it. Of course, because I am grateful, I am sure to keep my part of the bargain.

Unfortunately Ms Cheri and Toni are at the Bear Flats camping area with a few of our things. There is no cell reception, well it is very sketchy in that area and I have no way to get a message out there tonight. I hope she doesn't worry too much tonight. I would be concerned if I were in her place.  Just in case - I sent her both a text message and an email. Even if she started to come to town she would likely get one of the messages and would be able to relax some.

Keep your vehicles happy and healthy with preventative maintenance as much as possible. And feed those EMFunds often! (I need another Scamp project to flip for money <grin>)

   Ozzie and Vantucket!