Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Simply - new tires

Na - not for Vantucket!  For me <grin>!
I'm a little less than a week away from another kewl step in my hiking passion life. There is a short overnight circuit hike planned for early next week. Especially if the weather cooperates.

So hiking boots come and go. They wear out. On my 2011attempted AT ThruHike I wore Keen sandals and SmartWool trekker socks. Arizona is very different and I wanted a little more protection.  You know from cactus thorns and rocks. So being the budget shopping goddess that I am. I did some online research and then went shopping.  At Payson's Big 5 store, I found these sturdy, well soled boots on sale. I do love a sale. Crazy or not I paid around $40 for my new treads. I got a few miles on them today with Ozzie's class and a mile and a half walk back to the van which was at the auto shop for one more check.

I'm so excited about next weeks hike!


PS I used to take and post pictures of my feet similar to this picture while I was in a hammock!