Saturday, May 16, 2015

Simply Practicing

Hiking a long distance on a trail is exciting. There are so many unknowns that can challenge and surprise you.

Ozzie and I are practicing for the upcoming overnighter! The weather may insist that we adjust our timing. Especially since it snowed last night in the area we were going to. Brrr!

My goal is to be able to put in a 10-15 mile hike day within a month. I don't know how right now because honestly starting over doesn't come complete with the abilities you left off with.  I have to re-learn how to carry a pack, and walk without getting bored. And it's all new learning to take and care for a dog.

I'm such a gear head too! So Ozzie has boots that finally stay on and work! I want a hiking leash which is elasticized, and a fold up water bowl. I ordered him a sleeping bag (oh come on) well my new mummy bag doesn't open at the foot end where he likes to sleep and he gets cold.

For once I am not wanting to spend my time fixing food. I'm creating simple meal plans that will let us get outside quicker. And I have come up with an AIP-Paleo  trail mix that I'm not reacting to.

Today we got in almost two miles, mostly uphill, in sprinkly muddy weather. We're back at the van for lunch today. ..I'm writing this blog post as Ozzie is konked out. He did great with the hike, he healed well (part of his training), as well as hiking with the boots though we did have to back track once for a lost one. <grin>

That's it for now.