Sunday, May 10, 2015

Simply tired of being in one area

It's not the area I like it here. what I'm tired of is the constantly needing to move. one of my favorite campsites has a new no camping sign darn. and so each week I'm in town on Wednesday and I find a new campsite and it's getting old really old.

I've been camping in an area of Tonto National Forest called Bear Flats . this is bear country  so I have faithfully been careful with food and trash.

We were pleasantly surprised by a flock of turkeys this morning. and we have a nice view of her pasture full of cattle.

I don't know if my tiredness or anxiousness to go somewhere else is my need for adventure  Or what.

I as well kind of miss the companionship I had the last couple of weeks with the RTR friend in this area.

I do not miss some of the other little curve balls that life threw at me the last few weeks. yes that is my van on a tow truck. yes it seems to be ok now. and Ozzy's class was cancelled last week which is the whole reason I'm here and that feels frustrating.

By the way happy Mother's Day or happy FUR Mother's Day to all you pet owners out there