Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Simply Wednesday Weekly Update

It feels as if it has been a busy week.
What with rain and even some snow in this area. We moved back down to Rye to warm up and get in some practice hiking. Unfortunately Rye is a pretty prickly area, with all the cactus and burrs. Its a hard area for hairy dogs. We have spent a lot of time grooming and removing stickers from feet and fur. Though the scenery here is AMAZING!  Mountains, snow capped and not, sunrises and sunsets, wild flowers and blooming cactus. Its incredibly beautiful in this area.

While out one day we saw this snake - between that and no shade we called the hiking here off while we finished up a couple projects.

Ms.Cheri and Toni came up to hang out with us. Its been great visiting with them. Toni is a ball of energetic fluff who's cute and knows it! It's interesting to watch both Yorkies (Ozzie and Toni) react to each other.

We aren't as ready for doggie class, which is in the morning, as I think that we should be.  We will go anyway and see what happens. I think that our hiking practice was good even if we don't have the automatic sit homework completed yet.

I've done a lot of research about hiking with dogs and healthy food choices while hiking as well as warm and lightweight sleeping bags.

I need to do some gear reviews and posts with links to websites...that's just work I am not ready to do yet.

I rearranged some items from underneath my bed and came up with a nice unused space - not sure how that happens.

I think that we will move up to Bear Flats area for this coming week. I have a jewelry making class scheduled for Thursday. And I would like to relax more this week and maybe sit still.

I'm gonna finish up my hot chocolate - homemade with coconut milk powder, cocoa powder and real maple syrup. I just finished reading my second book this week. "The story of B" and "Touching Spirit Bear" They both were great.