Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Simply Wednesday Weekly Update

We've been camped at Bear Flats this week. Cell signal can be sketchy here so I have been using the Wilson booster just to check in.

The weather has been overcast so my little solar panel has not been very useful. I'm going to see if it will push power into the small trial house battery thing that Kirk ( asked me to test. There will be things that I will suggest that he tweek with the system.  Like making it lighter weight and with lighted on/off switches.

We had a medium sized animal in camp  around 5 am Friday morning.  He messed around the fire pit some. Not sure what it was because I didn't get a good look. It was dark and had a fat butt...maybe a bear cub?!

We have had a lot of visits from rangers because of Memorial Day weekend. Some pretty kewl guys who are trying to educate the public about safety. Tuesday they came around to check on fire pits. .. I had already been trying to put out two fires that other campers left flaming on Monday.  The rangers double checked and found that they were still hot enough to restart so they put them out properly. Interesting interaction and info was shared. One ranger actually is a Vandweller himself after years of living in an SUV he recently built a Sprinter conversion! Pretty kewl!

Tomorrow is 'town day' so I will send this post, do some email catch up and take Ozzie to his class. We will restock our water supply and pick up a few groceries. I will probably find some treat that is as safe as I can find because I have been wanting something sweet for nearly a week. Cookies or ice cream. ..I don't know,  I will probably check at Basha's because they have a health food section in the store.

I've been using my hiking gear so will be posting some gear reviews soon. Watch for them.


PS Ozzie has a new chair!