Sunday, June 21, 2015

Simply Slacking!

Yup you guessed it. I've been slacking - well not really although on the blogging home front I sure feel like I have. Any day I expect a flood of emails asking if I am alive!

I'm writing. It is a blog post. I am alive! Yippie. I know.

I do this off and on. Especially when I am in a state of flux....yet what part of life's plans is not written in jello? Don't we all have days or weeks when we thought we were going to_____(fill in the blank) and something greater than us had a sense of humor as well as other plans!

I had a lovely Latino family (three young kids & a family dog) move into my peaceful hill top campsite a couple weeks ago. After setting up camp by diesel pickup headlights at 9:30 pm, I rather expected bedtime --- errr humour, it was dinner time!

The next morning I woke to a young voice saying Daddy, Daddy drive me to the bathroom! Hurry up Daddy..groggy voices. ..diesel engine (really?) 5:15 am. The threee atvs unloaded the night before not good enough.

Neadless to say I have been living life outside of mainstream thought so long (close to 20 yrs) that I don't understand people living a cultured lifestyle. (Insert head shaking)

I left at 8:30 am. Simply drove away. Past a few grazing 150# wild boar, a turkey, and some beautiful scenery. I joined a friend for morning coffee. Kinda hung out until I felt the directional urge/nudge. Although not sure about anything other than direction I hugged the friend and drove away.  Rain started, then turned into hail as I pulled out onto the highway. My hands automatically engaging the windshield wiper switch - and nothing. NOthing.  Like keep driving or what. .oh yes I thought to myself check the sky for signs...well it is clear in the direction I am driving. Can I be safe? I was safe as the hail returned to rain and then became intermittent and eventually stopped. And so did I. I stopped to use some birthday gift money to fill the gas tank and get a snack. The adventure nudge had been lit! Perhaps by successfully navigating an incredible stress? Whatever Ozzie and I just kept driving.

We stopped in St John's AZ.
Found a city RV Park which allows tent or vehicle camping, has a lovely bathhouse with showers and friendly staff. $10 for the night. Okay.  Lets do laundry. Lets have a Subway Veggie Delight sandwich.
Lets take a walk and a break, we will know what to do in the morning.

We did.
I have a close friend who owns 20 acres near here.
We moved.
Address and all. Legal like. To my friend's land...

Cougars, coyotes, hawks, owls, jack rabbits and all!

30 miles to a town.

In our van - for the time being.