Monday, July 27, 2015

Simply Crazzy

To give you guys a little update. I'm in Colorado picking up my new to me SUV.

Ozzy and I took off from Holbrook Arizona on a Greyhound bus.  It felt nice to let someone else do the driving. We rode for nearly 18 hours on the bus including a five hour layover in Albuquerque.

We were both very tired when we got here. SO we took a couple of days too kind of chill out and visit with our friends Shane & Lily. We gradually have been enjoying some vacation style things like going to a waterpark one day and to Cracker Barrel for dinner. We have camped out in some of the local camping spots with them. I've gotten used to driving the new car and got the insurance and legal stuff taken care.

Visiting in a large city like Denver has been good and different.   The low drone of traffic all day long as well as the hot city weather can add to our stress levels.

I'm walking Ozzie around the lot behind Cabela's here in Denver. They have a large grassy area with sidewalks in the back. We saw a couple small rabbits. I had never been to Colorado before and everytime you look up there are incredible views of mountains on the horizon. 

So this morning we were getting a few little things from storage and running a couple errands. There are a couple repairs Shane wanted to make to his travel trailer. I also had a couple things that I wanted to do so we went into Harbor Freight which is a tool store. As we were leaving some older gentleman who wasn't doing very well pulled right in back of me while I was backing out and so I had to deal with insurance companies. Yup an accident. Its been years since any thing like this has happened to me.  Everyone is fine. I was nervous and shaken. I entertained thoughts about people and liking the vast open country of the west and Arizona. 

I wanted to stay to take part in another milestone in Lily and Shane's RV life. We will likely head home next week.

I've enjoyed meeting the full time RVers that live and maneuver around the area here in Denver. Its always interesting to hear the stories and experiences of people I meet.

I've gotten a couple great yard sale deals. Used my Cabela's points and am being careful with my budget so I can both do this AND meet my goals.

I believe that we are going to get out of town tomorrow. I know that I need the break!  I will try to get another post out this week.

Let me know how you guys are doing!