Friday, July 17, 2015

Simply quietly riding into. ..

My last post was about Simply being along for the ride!  And I am. Quietly, hopefully patiently in my seat. Watching out the window as we move along.   Okay not always quietly because I do like to talk. <grin>

My intention was to write and publish a post and update on Wednesday. ..but we were still in motion - unit this morning. I'm enjoying my coffee which I made inside my van. Sitting on my milk crate/game board with Ozzie at my feet I sip the dark warm liquid while I listen to NPR news on a borrowed radio (that I repaired by the way).

It's Friday. The month of July is half over. At times, time simply flies past. Yes I am still parked on my friend's 20 acres. I love this area and the people that I meet. The small towns and old school businesses are not only manageable but fun too. The weather has been interesting. With some challenging flooded roads this past week. Which kinda reminded me of rainy season in Costa Rica.  I have found out how to get both UPS and FedEx deliveries even in poor weather, small batch bulk water delivery and cleaned an old water tank for storage. Ozzie is helping to kill the pack rats that had gotten into every thing stored here and we are bagging up some trash.I added a couple bird feeders and we have some kewl visitors each day. Many hummingbirds are here.

I feel happy and healthy most days. I did have one mild asthma coughing spell the other day but I am alright. It didn't last long.

The van needs another repair (sigh). Since I will be traveling by Greyhound bus this week. I will leave the van in the shop while I am away.

I will be traveling to Colorado this week. I've never been there before. I'm going to visit some friends and to pick up a vehicle.

Yesterday I was given a rather large project. I am excited to see how the process turns out this time. I enjoy taking an old unusable thing and bringing it back to life. I will start with clean up and assesment of the actual scope. You know how it is when you see something the first time its hard to know what really needs to be done until you start cleaning it up. It should be arriving here this morning - along with a borrowed chainsaw so we can widen the narrow curvey driveway that runs along the easement of neighboring property. 

Yes I am already taking pictures! I would like to make a little progress before I start talking about it much. I'm managing my ability to become overwhelmed and anxious.  I can so take my time with this project because of where I am staying.

That's about all I have for now. ..
I saw that Lou was nearly finished with his remodeling of his Vardo. Al did some repairs and remodling, Donna & Mark have been working with family and have workamping set up for the near future. My friend Gail is workamping nearby and I was able to visit her recently, which was very nice and felt like a mini vacation complete with a perspective change. I think that Evelyn may be hoping to find a lot where it is legal to camp, because of her 'home' travel trailer, because paying rent sucks :). I also noticed that Jessie and Ed have been on the East Coast.

I'm looking forward to visiting with my friends at RTR this year.