Monday, August 3, 2015

Simply a Great Vacation

I've been having a great time here in Colorado for the past two weeks. Visiting with Shane & Lily and getting to experience both their life in Denver and their new lot near Eleven Mile State Park has been fun.

The altitude has left me with tight lungs, no energy and feeling rather sick. It is rather cold here as well so if you are planning a visit come prepared!

Ozzie has been very well behaved. Lily and Ozzie met up very shortly after he came to live with me.  They remember when it was extremely difficult for Ozzie to meet other dogs and when he was very territorial. I think that he feels more safe and secure now. Shane & Lily both commented on how much better he is and how calm he is. Training is paying off.

Unfortunately I have had some cellphone signal problems - traveling with phones can be annoying.

Lily and I went to Hartsel Days yesterday. We got to see a gun fight reenactment and do some shopping. We visited South Park City and Buena Vista which has great garage sales.

I'm working on this blog post using the free wifi at the Highline Cafe & Saloon while having a coffee and Lily's leftover fries. The coffee is really smooth and the fries huge hand cut beauties. Shane said that the bowl of Green Chili was fabulous!

People here are pretty crafty.  Someone makes humming bird feeders from old bottles. Pretty kewl.

I woke this morning knowing that I will be heading home tomorrow.  So I guess that I will.