Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Simple Tiny Home!

Sooooo - the trailer exterior got the initial coat of glossy white paint! HiTopMike seemed to enjoy learning how to do this process.  So with Greg's guidence - he sprayed three coats of paint on the trailer. Some day I will probably do an appropriate vintage trim design. We left the front window frame green and white crackle finish for now - because I kinda like it. 

With that finished - I could feel more confident test driving/test towing her around my town.  I have been able to tow the trailer with the Honda around town.  All went well, although my anxiety and stress level was kinda high from lack of recent experiences towing.  Although I calmed down during the drive the next day - the 37 mile drive --- yup - the drive HOME!

I still have the van.  It's been for sale, its seems forever.  I get a little interest now and then - after towing the trailer home, I realize that I would like a different tow vehicle for longer trips and mountain driving...I may be 'forced' to re-invent the van....there is some reason its still mine I guess?????

Ozzie and I have been home a week.  The weather has been great at 70F and then a storm came through and it was 18F at night and we woke up to snow flurries - na it didn't stay, it melted off very quickly.

Enjoy the picture. I still am on a very low income technical budget - so only a Safelink phone - no smart phone, camera or internet access.  I'm looking at an option to change that soon but please continue to be patient. I haven't forgotten you all!