Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Chillin on the farm!

It is a beautiful and sunny morning here in Rio Claro.  Robert, Adam, the dogs and I are chillin today.  Robert calls Sunday his "chinese laundry" day and he has his clothes all washed and hanging on the line.  He also takes the Big Dogs for a walk out in the jungle of the farm.  When I visit the farm, Sunday morning is my turn to fix breakfast.  I made French Toast and New England Poor Folks Syrup for breakfast which we all enjoyed.

I am working on some computer projects today and testing them as well as preparing for my housesitting assignment in San Vito.  I think I be going to San Vito on Wednesday and staying about 3 weeks.  During which time I will be working out the details of my plans to become a full-time RVer in the United States.