Monday, March 31, 2014

Adventures in Yuma...

So as the Snowbirds exodus from the warm or soon to be hot desert back to the North, I am still loving the warm temperatures.  A friend and I returned to the Q Casino in Yuma to enjoy the benefits of a city, the great bathrooms casinos offer and an opportunity to watch basketball games inside a luxurious air conditioned building....which included some dancing to the band on Friday night. Great excersize plan aye!

Yesterday, I attended an old fashioned church service at the Faith Baptist Church.  Then I did some exploring off Algadones Road.  I didn't know anything about boondocking on Indian Reservation land, though I will talk to nearly anyone and ask questions. How beautiful a campsite I found within walking distance to the casino and to free showers and bathrooms.  Incredible.

I forgot that the bball games were still going on, and I moved to the nature filled campsite in the afternoon.  Oops my buddy didn't join me but I managed to get a tour of the area ffom a new neighbor.  The tour was a nice 1 mile walk filled with local and fulltiming information.  Later in the early evening I heard a vehicle, thinking it was my friend, I waited a second before looking out to find an elderly couple and thier Pleasure Way van camper, stuck up to the axels in sugar sand! And the adventure of the week commenced!

I apologize for not getting pictures....but, it was 9:40 pm before I met the AAA truck at the canal and gave the guys a ride down to the campsite and then return them to thier truck. Once they assesed the situation, Jim and Muriel felt safe enough to tuck in for the nite.  I had to leave for Brawley at the crack of dawn this morning to have a scheduled major job done on my van.  I wasn't able to see them safely on thier way, although they are in good hands with the AAA tow company from nearby Winterhaven, returning this morning.