Wednesday, March 12, 2014

K.I.S.S. personal update of sorts ... from the Library!

It certainly has been a long time since I've been in a library.  I miss working on my blog on a real computer! that might be hard to believe since I'm always talking about how I only have a tiny android phone and a 7"tablet.  It is nice to not need much power and too keep things small and relatively simple....but - stuff happens and changes take place.

Today, I was feeling a little woozy and was needing to use the bathroom quite a bit this morning....(I know TMI!)  but hey, reality check.  My friend and travel buddy, NC Greg texted that he was at a kewl library that was very comfortable.  It seemed like a good idea to get out of Vantucket for a little while and maybe get a little computer work done and hey libraries often have nice bathrooms!   

It is a bit easier to work on a larger screen and there are just some things one cannot do on a tablet these days.  Things like manipulate the pages or format of the computer pages on my blog.  Content can be typed easily on either the phone or tablet -- tho, honestly, I would like to upgrade to a larger phone and ditch the tablet. 

It has been a nice change from the normal day to day of the past few months.

I also, was able to finally connect with my friend Donna.  Donna and her husband, Mark have been visiting friends in another town back in Arizona.  I miss them.  We all became close while renovating my van into Vantucket (think Nantucket) and during the RTR. 

I sent Bob of my guest post for editing and comments.  He had helped me to find a way to afford a HeatMate alcohol heater during this past winter.  He asked me, inexchange for help with articles on stoves and heaters so I have been working to repay his favor with a couple guest posts on his blog.  Which I will share here after it is published.

My health has been improving greatly.  Being in a comfortable location has allowed me to feel more stable.  With the stability has come a return to things more valuable to me.  I have begun walking more often, visit the hot springs daily, have been to Bible studies, intend to go to a book club meeting on Thursday morning.  I am beginning to return to a schedule of sorts that is not only familiar but seems to be healing as well.  This has enabled me to tie up some loose ends in the business-y end of my life as well as spend some needed time considering what to do with my life.  In order to heal up whatever has been going on with my physical health, I continue with my goal of not eating processed foods and, yes, I am as human as the next person and often 'want' to reach for something easy.  90% of the time I don't.  Another issue with food and everyday diets is that I do live in a van, so space to prepare and store good whole foods can be limited and just wonky....I mean, its not easy to chop tomatoes or celery and keep it off the floor and get it into a bowl that is tiny or I get creative.  and once in a while I give in and buy a freshly made tub of salsa or guacamole because I just don't want to deal with the process in such a small space.  I recently decided that I would try a green powder to help heal up my digestive issues as well as add more greens to my diet without having to dehydrate them myself or without having to figure out how to store them longer than 2 days in the heat.  I bought a jar of Raw Reserve with E3Live and probiotics.  I guess its pretty natural to think that this is going to be a nasty tasting way to improve my health - but I have been surprised that its not that bad a flavor when mixed with carrot juice - which I bought prepared and in a bottle.  I've only been using this for 3 days, although I feel remarkably improved already and I'm not living in the bathroom any longer. 

I started writing my personal journal pages again too.  I haven't done that in quite some time.  It's a nice process to just clear your mind of whatever is rambling on in there.  I just write in a stream of consciousness style for about an hour before I have my breakfast.  It feels like a good start to my day.

That's about all I can think of for right now...I have a ton of emails to answer, vehicle insurance to finalize and a refund to get processed.

Have a great day,