Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Allergy update

A bit of an update. ..about 11am I was called in for an appointment with the new to me, allergist at 12:30. I went thinking that it would be mostly paperwork.  Surprise - processing error with insurance took most of the time. Then a quick. .sit right here and hold your arms like this is - and we're testing for environmental allergies.   I see labels that cause my self protective thoughts to kick in.  Those thoughts were saying 'Omgosh don't let them get that near will be so very sick' I asked God to help me let go of my fear and allow him to take over the process so that I can experience the wonderful health he has given me. 

So my arms are outstretched and being covered with marker dots and pricks of allergens.  The attendant walks away and my pre-asthma attack lung ache starts, then the coughing, and my arms start going numb, my ear aches, my nose is (look away all you squeamish folks) running clear snot and I can't move my arms, my eyes are weeping and the attendant walks past asking it I am okay? Do I look okay?   I am thinking because I can not answer.  A few seconds later the Doctor walks in looks at my arms and orders a quick wash off of my arms and a holt to the test..he had to repeat use more water to wash that off and give her benedryl right away.

By now my throat is sore and I feel scared as well as exhausted.  The doctor says you will need to wait outside -of course I feel rather confused and likely have allergic brain fog. He has to tell me second time. Then shows me the door - the door to outside the office?  What about an appointment - he informs me that I need to call to schedule another appointment in two weeks time. I am confused and don't even have his phone number because they called me.  He writes down the number for me and says I can't do anything else for you right now because you are so sensitive I can't risk even giving you more medication. You just sit here until you feel well enough to leave.

I sat down and cried for a minute while my thoughts explored why someone would make you sick on purpose and then just leave you.

And not only that but leave you knowing that you have to start over and do the same thing in 2 weeks????

I stumbled to my van with tears in my eyes. ..I hate living alone

And a woman a few feet away sitting in a car...came and hugged me - I am on her prayer list now

I am grateful for angels in people clothes!