Friday, June 27, 2014

And the saga continues. ..

Morning all,
I am in the waiting area at the lab. Waiting my turn for blood tests to determine allergies!  Finally. I sure hope it helps.

On my early drive over here,  I passed a storage building yard sale. ..kewl deals.  I got a couple kewl things for my new travel trailer. ...Yes Ms Linda I bought the Scamp! I got a great deal.  Of course I was nervous as that great price came complete with a project! But (think about the acronym Belief Under Transition) as I began the demolition to assess how extensive the project will be - I have been pleasantly surprised.  This thing is soooooo easy to work on.  So far I have done all the work alone, with my travel tools (AA battery powered screwdriver). With the exception of electrical stuff.  I'm kinda scared of electrical stuff and have a healthy respect so I will work on it ONLY when it is completely unplugged. Then I have someone check my work and test the system for me.  Some times I even have to walk away while it is tested.   Hey I have to manage my emotions and fears - darn hypersensitivity leftover from trauma!

I have also been pleased to not feel too anxious as I processed the decisions that lead to buying the Scamp. I reminded myself to breathe and wait until I was clear about the next step. I kept in mind the analogy of a child asking their father for an ice cream. The father says yes and as the child anxiously awaits, she is thinking of the chocolate or vanilla that she is familiar with.  The father is excitedly thinking about how kewl it will be to share a new flavor with his child. To see her eyes light up in response to the color of a new flavor. Then to watch her response as she tastes it for the first time. .... I don't want to limit my response to  the opportunity that God may give me by only looking for my proverbial chocolate or vanilla choice.  And I didn't and the process was relatively painless and I never imagined that I could afford a Scamp! And whoohoo!

I have a goal to take more pictures to share of this project so stay tuned...