Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Darn allergies and the ER

Omgosh I was chilling and re-grouping my thoughts this evening.  Nice comfortable location complete with shade tree. So I made myself a lemonade (real lemon and raw honey) and took my evenings dose of vitamins.   It was nearly time to head of to my overnight parking spot so I hopped into the van and took off.  A short distance down the road and my breath just stopped - if was as if someone or something sucked my breath away.  I'm driving. ..Omgosh I think. ..what is happening. ..then I can feel my skin burning. ...and I feel prickly and hot...and scared really scared...and my skin is stretching and I feel my legs and arms blowing up like some weird balloon. I come to a stop at a red light and look down to see my bloating red skin stretching my clothes... I say a quick prayer for safety and guidance ..and I aim the van directly toward the hospital.

An hour later, my body returning to a more normal size and color I am released with directions to follow through with the allergy testing my new PCP has planned. I was also told not to take one of my vitamins. ..I had no idea that a vitamin could cause such a reaction.   Exhausted - I drove slowly to my parking spot to take a Benedryl and pass out for the night.  I feel blessed to find another vandweller I recognize to park beside.

Night all.