Friday, June 13, 2014


Hi all, I am feeling WAY better today.
I have rested in the shade and in the air conditioned (think filtered air) comfort of the RV park's lounge.  I have had great showers - this RV park has wonderfully strong water pressure.
I woke up to see a peacock (yes, the bird) strolling past the front of my van this morning.  I had not charged the battery on my cell phone so I wasn't able to get a picture to share (I am truely sorry - and hey, I am human)
This morning, I have only very light circles of allergy under my eyes as opposed to the black circles I had a couple days ago.  I also am not blowing my nose quite so much today.  I have eaten very carefully all week and am nearly back to my normal size after all the bloating and swelling.

I feel much more able to think and focus.
I am feeling more normal today.  So I went to a drum circle and had a great time playing Djembe with some newer friends. Then went shopping at a Food Pantry in town and picked up some Kale and Avocados to make a salad to take with me to tonight's Community Picnic in the park.

I learned, quite some time ago, to pace myself carefully when I am not feeling well so that I can heal more quickly. This time, I have had to ask for support and help to both stay focused and to be sure that I accomplish vital tasks on time.  It has been especially challenging.  In fact, I had to ask someone to just be with me and listen while I tried to remember what was important right now, so I could make a list.  They were so helpful and understanding.  The seemingly small focus of being reminded which thing needed to be accomplished first allowed me to not only get the one thing accomplished but I was able to get 2 things crossed off the perverbial list. And, yes, I have started a new list in a new Dollar Tree notebook that I can carry everywhere with me for a while - just in case I get forgetful again.... darn Senior moments brought on by Allergens!

I also want you all to know how much I appreciate all the comments, kudos and support I have received from my Online, Full-time RVer and VanDwelling family.  You are priceless!

Hugs and stuff!