Saturday, January 3, 2015

Simply Brrr ---

But then everyone is talking about that my friend Steve-Nemo got 14" of snow in the Payson area, Ms Evelyn in Cottonwood got 5"...I've had ice in the coffee pot and solid frost/ice on the inside of my windows. By the way the Kandle Heeter helps dry up the condensation in the air so not much frost.

I'm entertaining an old RTR friend who made it down from the north east. We went shopping yesterday although by two we were headed back grumbling about the craziness of drivers and even grocery store shoppers. A nice campfire and grilled burgers and a glass of wine helped calm that inner grumpy monster from earlier in the day.

Ozzie is well. He had a rash that seemed to be an allergy. After changing his newer dog food he seems better. He loves running around with his sweater on meeting people and doing his self appointed job of keeping the ducks off shore near our camp.

Stay warm people! Be careful with your heaters and candles and campfires!

I've had senior moments wondering why I made this or that decision and if I should make a change - sometimes waiting is the best way to handle that.

Make the most of today!