Sunday, January 11, 2015

Simply Surprise after Surprise!

RTR continues. We have over a hundred people here and many pet owners with well behaved dogs. Ozzie is exhausted from making doggy friends and visiting with his uncle, godfather and other people friends. I often find him surrounded by toys simply looking passed out in his doggie bed!

Evelyn and Charlie (the giant poodle) arrived yesterday. They seem to be having a great time. Once around a campfire we were all laughing so hard and Evelyn leaned over to tell me she was enjoying that and that it had been a very long time ago when she laughed so hard.

Yesterday afternoon we shared a community Chili dinner complete with corn bread and corn chips and hot sauce. It was good (I didn't even need to take any benedryl! )

I'm making pots of Cowboy Coffee on my tiny cook fire. I am also loving and using my Dutch Oven every day.

I baked whole wheat raisin bread in my dutch oven on Friday. We were able to share toast with butter along with morning coffee.  I snuck off for a while by riding into Blythe with Mechanic Mike. When returning to camp we noticed a Scamp travel trailer behind us....
Omgosh it was Ms Marsha with her Scamp that she bought from me! And she was headed in for the RTR! 


And kewl.
I'm just lying awake trying to let my mind settle from all the excitement.'s kind of a frustrating feeling waiting so I decided that writing a blog post may help.

I will try to take more pictures tomorrow - especially since tomorrow is Miss Lily's 10th birthday! A little bird told me that we are having cake at 1 pm!