Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Health Reminders - ouch!

I simply had a nagging owie in my digestive tract I RE-read all my information just to remind myself to stay on top of my health.

Yes I made some mistakes lately. Enough to create a mild flare up. here we go again.  I CAN'T Cheat! I love my friends. I want to be like them and able to eat anything.  I love preparing and sharing food! I love to watch and hear others be happy. Sorry folks - I can't eat your pizza! or homemade spaghetti. Or special cake. Nor meatball subs. Nor fast food like stuff from McDonald's (only black coffee - boring me), I can't have a whopper or French fries,  no Frosty either....darn.

Okay enough poor me rant.

When I have a flare up I have to make a well boiled organic chicken broth,  drink veggie juice (carrot is my favorite) and only RAW-unpasteurized goats milk (not so easy to find). That's it until I heal up. Then I can add healthy fats (cold pressed extra virgin Olive oil, unrefined coconut oil or Raw unpasteurized butter); non-starchy veggies, and a small amount of meat (organic chicken, wild caught fish or lamb) and in my case cooked apples. I can use raw honey or real maple syrup. ...I'm basically on a whole foods non-processed diet.

It's a good thing that I love to cook.
I can have NO processed foods. NO pre-packaged foods. No preservatives. NO margarine. NO artificial sweeteners and No white sugar. NO pasteurized dairy or cheeses. ...IF I want to stay on top of this health issue that could turn into a cancer.

Okay so I know that the doctor said that I could eat anything that I wanted. And then we realized how sensitive I am to unhealthy foods and antibiotics and other stuff that I test negative for allergies to. I don't want to take meds in order to make it okay-ish to eat anything. So I will just take care of my health in a manageable way. ..but bummer I can't eat when we go out to dinner together (unless we find a really special natural foods restaurant) - I will probably opt to just have a cup of  black coffee or tea and enjoy your company!   OR We can enjoy preparing a meal together instead (see that really is why I cook so much at events like the RTR! Well I do really enjoy it all though! )