Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Simply Beautiful 4 Peaks - Tonto National Forest.

Talk about a great lead!
Good roads - dirt though in great shape mostly. And fun twisty driving off the main road - I put the van into second gear to save was a blast! There are 4 x 4 trails and sightings but very low key.
Good cell signal in most areas - we needed Ozzie comfortable as a priority yesterday afternoon so I sacrificed the cell signal.
Hiking and walking is great!
Weather is mild even with the rain this week. I've got a light jacket on
And check out the view - even with cell phone pictures!
The wildflowers are about to bloom all you photographers! Birds and wildlife abundant - chirpy mornings!

To get here take any path to Route 87 North of Phoenix (South of Payson) and watch for signs.