Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Simply more than one way

To do anything!
After living this particular traveling lifestyle for three years I've realized that it is just smart to have more than one way to do any one thing. You see stuff changes all the time out on the road.

For example, washing dishes. I've tried keeping only one way. I built-in a sink and traded stuff for that sink.  I've used the ladder rack...the inside doors, spray bottles, baby wipes....goodness!  So now I have a number of ways to wash dishes and just use the one that works. When I am in a group situation the needs are different from when I am putting in miles and sleeping in urban/Wal-Mart situations where i want to becareful when and where i toss my dirty water. And then there are the I'm alone in camp days or weeks. I have a couple favorite bowls and bins that hold water nicely. in particular fits on a step in my ladder rack and makes a great wash station that others can use. And when I am busy I can just toss dirty dishes into it and wash them later on.

Here is today's configuration.  I keep more than one water jug in the van. This thin blue one is handy because of the space it takes. You can buy these at Wal-Mart although they are less expensive at Big Lots. Keep in mind that you can NOT fill these jugs full for carrying or for driving. Notice the white fill cap which when carried is a few inches lower than the top..they will splash and slosh so I most often only fill it with about one gallon of water. I like that I can open the spout and have both my hands free which is why I have the funel and jug in my catches drips and drizzels and lets me rinse a cup and have a place to dump the water. I leave an inch or so of clean water with dish soap in it sitting in the jug to help with potential smells - but I clean the jug a lot anyway.   The square-ish container was given to me by a fellow RTR person. It fits the steps in my ladder rack just right. I just bungee it in place.
Today's dish drainer is the lid to a bin that needed washing. It fits right on top of my trash can that by the way is also part of my Heeter s safety cage! .... I think it is a good idea to think outside the box and find new ways to do things. Today's way might not work tomorrow - but hey you might be hiking with your lunch in baggies that you can throw away!

Enjoy the sun while you can!