Wednesday, February 25, 2015

So Why would I want that?!

You mean the Vortex Blender that is on my wish list again?  Well I had one before - actually it wasn't mine I just had use of it for a while.  It worked great. For what it is. The gear box is fabulous.  I wish that there were other assesories like a grain grinder or food mill attachment.  Okay so I want one again because I want to make my own healthy mayonnaise.  And an occasional frozen drink - frozen coffee with honey and coconut cream anyone? Yes I tried blending ice with it. It works and works well too....well unless you are stuck on a Vitamix or HealthTec Blender....but hey they take gobs of power...and I don't want to roll that way...maybe if I had a cabin...ah who knows. We CAN change our minds!

And Why, again,  would I want another GSI Haulite Tea Kettle! ?  Because I had to give my first one away when I had too many things to carry and needed to get outta dodge quickly one time. That was the best tea kettle ever. It heated water as fast or faster than aluminum without the health risks aluminum carries. It is light weight and great for hiking. The lid is large so that the kettle doubles as a pot. The size is just right for two cups of coffee and a little wash up water!  I have a giant half gallon coffee/water pot that I use outside and for groups although it is uncomfortable to maneuver when you are inside the van.

We can have Wish Lists!

Have a Simply fun day