Thursday, April 13, 2017

Simply a little headway!

After days of feeling like I was stuck. I decided to move back into the Honda. I will sell off everything that won't fit in it or on the cargo basket and start preparing for the trip to Virginia.

I did go to the St Johns Flea Market on Monday. I took the tent and all. I sold a lot and got a lead on the dome. We will see where that goes.

Its been hard learning to accept that I made an error in judgment. That I didn't 't feel safe enough sleeping in a tent. I couldn't rest and felt anxious all night long. I was scared of snakes and scorpions and rats ... lol oh my! I thought I had been so careful spending money and I basically just wasted  $1100. I made a good well thought out decision that was not right for me. Now I felt like like I needed to do something.  But what?  I used my emergency fund which isn't smart. I couldn't see another option. I have been so tired, so alone and I want some comforts. I was so stuck in my uncomfortable uncertainty.

I am not done traveling. I want a life rather than an existence solving some survival issue. I went dancing with a friend last month and was reminded of how much I love music and dancing and being happy! And sweating lol. Survival mode sucks!

I've also remembered other times and parts of 'routine' that I enjoyed and kept me focused.  Things like traditions or celebrations or even weekly budget time, daily quiet time and stuff like that that has not been part of my camping full-time travel life. An occasional scheduled phone call can bring peace and joy to people... it occurred to me that I would like to try adding some of that stability into my life as I move back into the Honda and as I plan for the trip to Virginia.

I have my work cut out for me as I go through my stuff again. I have added back some  comforts like a good steel framed shower tent and a 2.5 gallon solar shower bag... I feel more normal and happier when I can be clean and have my hair neat.  I am downsizing the kitchen for the summer because I do eat different when I travel a lot and when its warmer. And omgosh I gave up coffee! I want to upgrade my window screens and a shade/awning of some kind. I will give you all some gear reviews as I go along.