Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Simple little Work Party!

I need a little help! So I first asked neighbors on a Facebook group and after getting some interest and setting a date - we're on!

  • Who - anyone who is willing to work, can get here on their own, is radically independent and contacts me through the email button on my blogs home page (unless you know me personally then you know what to do) 

  • What - I am putting up my fencing.  I will have enough rolls of slatted fence and tposts for the job. I do not have the stuff for 2 gates, which i would also like to build. Gates could possibly be built with round wood from my site I don't have that skill yet, I'd like to learn though. Other stuff could be found to do if we have more hands than necessary and if the supplies are here. Stuff like assembling my outdoor kitchen, building more shade , I'd like to build a round wood pergola, leveling or edging my patio site (I don't expect to have paver blocks this year), cleaning up my driveway of downed wood. We might even be able to paint inside the trailer or do a bit of finishing work inside as well.
            BRING: gloves, a hat, a tpost pounder to share, water, muscle! If you are staying the weekend please be self contained! I have a compost and humanure bin, burn barrel for trash, and a shower tent for privacy. I have limited water. I do not have solar. I do not have a generator. 

  • Where - Witch Well, AZ. My property. More details will be shared privately.

  • When - Friday, July 7, 2017. (If you stay the weekend be prepared to visit our new Farmer's Market on Saturday morning it is 5 miles away)