Friday, June 2, 2017

Simply what a Wolf at my door!?

Someone said that there is "no rest for the weary"! Well I am not weary and I actually got some rest and went to my weekly group therapy meeting then took groceries to a sick friend and put in about 4 hours volunteering at the local thrift store.  AND this showed up!

Of course my friend Wolf had contacted me about visiting during June. He had mentioned possibly helping me with my trailer repairs while here. Well he had a little tire problem on the way.... yikes chained up axels and stuff... and BIG boy tires!

He had just been at an Overland Expo and brought newbie nomad Phoenix, who by the way just quit his job! What a great rig he's got.

Well, Phoenix and Ozzie have become best buddies. Its cute to watch them run and play together. Wolf has been pretty occupied off loading his camp and seeing to the damage on the truck. He needs a new bottle jack, and tires of course  and now he's wondering if he can find some local work to make money to cover this unplanned expense!  Phoenix has proved to be extremely helpful already by tinkering with and fixing my Honda's rear door which was stuck! Now I can change the blinker light bulb, Yeah!

We are planning to be at the NEW Witch Wells AZ Farmers Market & Swap Meet tomorrow! (Thats 8-11am on CR7230 1/8th mile North of the Witch Well Tavern). We are planning to help each other as we can...we intend to get my trailer leveled better and repair the roof asap. Then I  have a trip to Springerville planned because the Oz-man needs his summer haircut!

We are off and running on a new adventure!