Coffee with Dave

Yesterday afternoons stressful and babydaddy related events now over...I stumbled or limped my emotionally drained self to the familiar comforts of ... yup WallyWorld!  It has been HOT here in Virginia. Very hot in my navy blue, many windowed tin box of a van. I have a plan to paint my roof white, and install a couple computer fans for extra ventilation eventually. Though for now, I will probly get a 12 volt cooler because my food spoils faster than I can manage and I will run my 12 volt fan a little more  not hard to remember that the windows have great solar gain to increase the heat and the navy color just sucks it in too.  How am I suppose to stay stealthy this way I ask.... well last nite I just did away with all vandweller stealth rules and opened the van up wide, set my lawn chair in the shade and made a salad supper.  I ate in the company of the walmart parking lot ducks.  We enjoyed each others company until the darker cool of the evening set in.  Then I exaustedly prepared for bed, even taking time to wash my tired feet in a pan of Dr Bronners citus and cool water. 
Yesterday, for no apparent reason, I had turned the van down a road near an animal shelter and found a lovely riverside park. After a good nites rest, and the quick purchase of more water, this is where I returned to make breakfast - well coffee..... this park has a boat ramp as well as picnic area. A few trucks and cars came and went.  Dave, just waiting for the bank to open, brought his coffee over and joined me for a chat.  What a lovely reminder of why my life can be so kewl...i love meeting new people.  The sun is kind of bright now and the heat will return.  I have a couple errands to run and best to run in and out of air conditioning during the heat...Later I will check out another park that Dave mentioned.


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